Tiflis Scarf

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Through the conventions of each era and each region, her clothing was a style that expressed her own taste, the product in part or wholly of her own hands, and an extension of her sense of beauty, understanding of quality, and respect for tradition.
The clothing of the Armenian woman is in a profound way an intimate history of the Armenian people.
Armenian women excelled in embroidery and the making of lace. It was part of the pride of every girl. "kot" or headdress of Armenian women. Making lace was part of a girl's education, and often when all else was lost, property and possessions gone, the Armenian woman might thank God she still had her hands.
In the thimble and needle of the woman was a skill that endured every change of season and of fortune, enabling her not only to make a living but to re-express in a continuing thread the splendor and beauty of life.

The original art work is a composition of lace thrown over a canvas as a background. Anet then went on to interpret the historic era clothing style of a young and lively Armenian Lady living in Tbilisi Georgia.


100% Silk Chiffon.
Dry clean only.
Size: 24" x 72"



The Scarf is shipped in a gift box as shown below: