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Butterfly Ginkgo 3-Quart Casserole Dish

Michael Aram


Michael Aram's Butterfly Ginkgo collection honors the gingko Biloba tree, more commonly known as "Butterfly Ginkgo", which grows leaves resembling butterflies. With delicate design and superb craftsmanship, the Casserole Dish is assembled with natural and oxidized brass, hand textured stainless steel, and porcelain. Each piece in the Butterfly Ginkgo collection encapsulates whimsy and elegance unlike any other.

"The idea that the leaves could evoke the beauty of butterflies was magical to me, like trees that can metamorphose from flora to fauna in the blink of an eye." - Michael Aram


  • Casserole 14.5"L x 10.25"W x 2.5"H
  • Overall 20"L x 10"W x 5"H
  • Porcelain
  • Hand Textured Stainless Steel
  • Natural & Oxidized Brass