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Cherry Blossom Toothbrush holder

Michael Aram


The Cherry Blossom Toothbrush Holder is a perfect addition to any home looking to add a hint of luxury to their decor. Realized in the beautiful style of Michael Aram's Bathroom Collection, this toothbrush holder is a timeless symbol of life, death, and beauty crafted from exquisite cherry blossom. An elegant, tasteful, and exclusive object, you won't need to worry about anyone else having the same in their home. A perfect way to upgrade your interior.

Experience a luxurious level of organization in your bathroom with the Cherry Blossom Toothbrush Holder. Constructed from gleaming stainless steel and bathed in a golden sheen, it stands 4" high for optimum convenience. A white powder-coated and pink enamel finish adds an air of sophistication, while its 4.25" by 3.5" dimensions provide plenty of space to keep your toothbrushes secure. A weight of 12 ounces ensures effective stability.