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Enchanted Forest Chain Necklace

Anabel Aram


Anabel Aram's Enchanted Forest Jewelry Collection is a mesmerizing fusion of mystical forests, enchanting natural elements, and a touch of magic. Each piece in this collection exudes an ethereal charm, capturing the essence of hidden realms within the woods. With a minimalistic design that boasts a statement-style finish, these exquisite adornments bring the beauty of nature and enchantment to your everyday style.

Crafted with precision and care, every item in this collection is plated in luxurious 18K gold, imparting a timeless elegance that lasts. The true enchantment comes to life as shimmering crystals adorn each piece, adding a captivating sparkle reminiscent of fireflies in the forest at twilight. Embrace the mystique of Anabel Aram's Enchanted Forest Jewelry Collection and let nature's magic become a part of your daily attire.

Product Details

- 18K Gold Plated Brass

- Crystal

- 19.5"L