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Shell With Coral Drop Earrings

Anabel Aram


Anabel Aram's Ocean jewelry collection is where the enchanting world of the sea comes to life in every exquisite piece. Inspired by the intricate beauty of coral reefs, the delicate elegance of sea shells, the powerful allure of crashing waves, and the mystical wonders of the deep blue, this collection captures the essence of the ocean like never before.

Each piece in the Ocean collection boasts a perfect blend of minimalistic design and statement style, making them versatile enough for any occasion. Crafted with precision, these treasures are meticulously 18K gold plated brass, radiating an opulent warmth that complements any skin tone. And, to add a touch of sparkle to your day, every piece is enhanced with shimmering crystals that dance like sunbeams on the water's surface.

Experience the magic of the sea with Anabel Aram's Ocean jewelry collection, where every piece tells a story of timeless beauty and oceanic wonder. Dive into elegance and adorn yourself with the essence of the deep blue today.

Product Details

- 18K Gold Plated Brass

- Crystal

- 2.4" L x 1" W